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Text: LillyV To: 89126

Hi guys. I am a beefy, heavyset butterball. A colossal bundle of horny fat. I am a sex driven mature BBW on the hunt for fit fellas with a naughty fetish for the bigger older lady. Being a fun, feisty and flirty jelly belly – I promise you a fabulous flab-induced good time.

I am currently single. My last boyfriend dumped me for my mate who was 3 stone heavier – the cheek of it…really…!!! I do like my skinny chaps. Fast and furious fucking – oh I just LOVE IT. With the taboo attached to banging a fat chick – I don’t get as much cock as I would like. It seems fat women are an acquired taste. A lick of my bulging pussy and you will guess my sweet fresh flavour..!! Text sex is HOT..!! Adventurous guys get to appreciate the pleasure of a chubby chick without the shameful sigma.

Although I’m weighty; I’m super-fruity and super fit. I’d like to think I’m Britain’s kinkiest BBW, I sure know I’m the horniest. Need to satisfy your BBW desires? Then climb this mountain.!! An adventurous trek up mount-ME everest. I have many sexy pics to send you x