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Today is the anniversary of my divorce. Seems like a life-time away now. This year has certainly been an exciting one. My doctor said I need to lose weight and become more active – so I took up the extreme sport of shagging younger men. I am fanatic for cock. I am a 40 plus mature BBW MILF with two kids. My eldest son caught me in a clinch with his best pal last week. It’s not the first time…Oh the shame of it.

I am a cuddly, snuggly mother with large-breasts, a fat arse and plump shaven snatch pussy. I am a real sweetie at heart and I relish in hugs and kisses. Wrapped in the warmth of my silky fleshy folds of flab – the fellas truly adore me. I just want to care for and look after you. Be your friend, lover and soul mate. Sex to me is not just fucking. I am a genuine romantic and it’s important to create the magic, the ambiance, the touching special scenario.

If you’re looking for an intimate cherished close encounter – text me, Lynne. I am a gentle softy. It’s all about US, you and me. Let’s text sex, lets cum together x